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Hey, welcome to this grand big world at Hyderabad Escorts for the best enjoyable & entertaining time of your life. This is Ashhnai Mittal, and I am your booty goddess who will delight you, mesmerize you & give you the best entertaining time of your life. I was born & raised in Calcutta, in acute poverty, wherein the only scope for any type of life improvement was to read lame books, or some sort of pretentious just to go out & breathe some fresh air. My family background was sheer crass, with my parents never around emotionally, always indulged into their mini-world of how perfect their life should be that prompted me to shift myself to any new place for better prospects. So, I reached this part of India, Hyderabad and since then I can only be too darn happy about it all. This is a nice & sexy place, so many heritage monuments, good weather & amazing authentic cuisines, to enjoy & spend your time here, as jolly as can be. As my mother used to sleep around with blokes for money & better sex appeal, reaching this way at dash was only a matter of time, this way. Reaching Hyderabad, I explored this beautiful city, frolicking many nearby places, flirting with the local folks, and making time as sexy & happening. I slept with top corporate honchos from the modeling industry. And this is how I became an Independent Call Girl, & about all of this, I am only way too happy.

My Hobbies & Interests

I have a curvaceous body, toned as can be, with my exercise regimen, amazing love handles, splendid facial features, and superb assets that I can be termed as the best all-time horny & seductive queen of the decade. I believe that more than the body, it’s the mind that men find super sexy, and when this along with an hourglass-like package figure, you can only ogle at me for endless hours. Apart from my body, ‘I am highly educated, with taking distance education classes here along with being an independent call girl to offer folks all types of entertainment & enjoyment in life. Since I love my sex appeal, there is none to stop me from indulging in the best promiscuous relationships, and this is what I feel is the very elixir of life. I am bold, vivacious as can be at Hot Call Girls in Hyderabad, with splendid vocabulary, multilingual skills, an enigmatic personality, all-time inquisitive energy to meet new, sexy & youthful blokes, to give them a gala time in life. So, yeah I am an extrovert, bold & vivacious booty queen, who loves to attend parties, make life happening & wild, go for many types of holidays, and also indulge in erotic pastimes in best enjoyable & salacious way. I believe from the way things were, crass or lowly as can be, and me, right now gaining wholesome happiness, in this field, all have only turned out to be too darn sexy & good. Given the circumstances, I was born into, the kind of parents that God had imposed on me, and many other negative elements I am just too fine & sexy as can be. I love meeting new blokes heather be perverted, promiscuous, boys, or any person who feels that they need to make their life, utter sexy, enjoyable & charming as ever. Apart from taking care of my body, daily exercises, I love to listen to music, lounge about in happening yet warm places, and cook & eat lots of food. up along with sex, I love to indulge in cooking lots of food, spreading cheer & warmth for all blokes around me as I feel that this is what life is about, spreading happiness. So, I never leave out many high-profile clients, taking me as their escorts to any discotheque, club, or even bars, as yeah again I also drink a lot. After drinking, I also love to dance with clients, in any way they please as I already give them a disclaimer that I am not at all good at dancing. You can start with any type of dates with me, incall or outcalls, go around frolic or flirtatious to many nearby or far off places for better peace or privacy. And then go about holidaying, partying and playing lots of naughty games with me.

Gain a Lot Of Luscious Enjoyment With Us

I feel these days, more than sex, men crave company, attention, love & care, this void that only I can fulfill. There is the only variation of what type of solace or cheer are they seeking from me. And I am pretty open-minded to give it all, in whichever way that they desire. Some youthful blokes want a lot of happening & wild time, like all-time discos, attending wild parties, while some others a one in all type of sexy or warmth in the form of friendships, chemistry & many other mushy things. Some blokes with me, are all-time loyal clients associated with me at Independent Escorts in Hyderabad since the beginning of my sessions here, as my lovers, with whom I have love affairs, so enriching & hearty that we all are just too happy about it. I understand that, despite having so many gorgeous ladies in their life, there is this lack in men that they are trying to fulfill with my presence in their lives. This can be in the form of attention, chemistry, or anything that makes their soul happy.

My Services Only For 4/5/7 Star hotels

Being one of the most sought after call girls, men love to gain my sessions, in many hotels, but I only offer my Hyderabad Escorts Services in five star hotels, given the regal aristocracy, class & finesse it offers, apart from sheer privacy that we all just love. The rooms of the five star hotels that we are associated with are lavish, with grandeur settings, along with world class facilities that you only be too darn delighted about gaining splendid intimate & erotic time to high class & sexy clients. I also feel that these five star hotels offer a lot of privacy, super confidentiality regarding the personal details of any of our clients, so the scope for any fraudulent or chances of defaming any of our high profile clients just becomes nil.

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